Shapiro and Associates provides expert witness services for law firms and attorneys that represent bicycle accident victims. Whether the matter involves a reckless motorist, hazardous road conditions, defective or unsafe cycling equipment or negligent maintenance, we offer litigators a professional level of experience and a wide breath of services. The experts at Shapiro and Associates can help by:

Our Philosophy

Doug Shapiro began his competitive cycling career at the age of thirteen in New York City. During his ensuing 17-year career as both a top amateur and professional racer, Mr. Shapiro competed in many countries throughout the world and was exposed to a wide variety of conditions along the way. This experience affords him a first-hand understanding of the numerous hazards faced while riding a bike.

Mr. Shapiro has been hit by cars twice while riding. His direct experience recovering from serious injuries (sustained at the hand of reckless drivers) is what inspired him to help other cyclists. He has served as an expert witness for many years with a proven track record of successful cases to his credit.

In order to better serve the needs of his clients, Mr. Shapiro has formed Shapiro & Associates. This group includes experienced bicycle industry veterans, master-frame and wheel-builders and mechanical engineers. Their collaboration and empirical approach addresses each case individually to meet specific client goals.