Bicycle Safety

Shapiro & Associates is concerned for the welfare of bicycle riders. Following are some safety tips and reminders all cyclists should keep in mind.

Five important safety tips:

  1. Wear a helmet and make sure it is properly fit and worn appropriately.
  2. Make sure the bike's front quick release is tightened properly.
  3. Make sure the brakes are working properly before starting out on a ride.
  4. Make sure the tires are inflated to the recommended air pressure.
  5. Make sure the bike fits properly.

When buying a bike:

  1. Check for proper assembly.
    1. Frames - inspect the frame joints, bubbles or creases in the tubing.
    2. Wheels - check rims and hubs and spokes for trueness.
    3. Brakes - always keep your brakes adjusted properly.
  2. Make sure your bike fits properly.
    1. Bikes that are too big or two small are dangerous to ride.
    2. Improper bike fit can cause accidents.
  3. Make certain you are buying the appropriate bike for the related activity
    1. Road bikes are not designed to be ridden off road.
  4. Read your bicycle owner's manual thoroughly before operating your bicycle.

When on the road:

  1. Make sure you are wearing a helmet and it is on properly.
  2. Test your brakes and wheels.
  3. Learn the rules of the road and make sure to obey all traffic laws.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings, and be careful of the traffic.
  5. Wear bright clothes so you can be seen properly on the road.
  6. Use a headlight and reflector equipment if riding after dark.
  7. Ride with traffic, never against it.
  8. Watch for left or right turning vehicles, vehicles exiting driveways, and opening car doors.
    1. If a car is entering the roadway or turning in front of you, make eye contact -- without eye contact it's likely the driver will not see you.
  9. Be aware of changing road conditions due to weather and watch out for potholes, cracks, expansion joints, railroad tracks, wet leaves, drainage grates, or anything else hazardous on the road.
  10. Always stay alert!

More on safety:

Video - Cycling for Success
This video was produced by the 7-Eleven racing team and was the first of its kind to offer cycling safety tips and techniques. It was created for every level from racer to the typical cycling enthusiast. Doug Shapiro starred in the video along with the rest of his teammates, and was the technical advisor as well as technical writer.

Bicycle Safety Resources and Educational Tools